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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

(Taoism founder, Lao Tzu)

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Skylander is about making us all better skydivers.
Better planners, better jump-masters, better instructors and of course - better jumpers, right from the beginning.
...In the skydiving business - BETTER means SAFER!

Skylander is *the* planning tool for a skydiving mission, from HARP to DIP, taking jumpers to a safe and accurate landing. Furthermore, it is an educational platform designed by instructors for instructors & students, allowing planners, instructors and learners to communicate clearly about plans, and to learn while doing so.

  • HARP (High Altitude Release Point) Mission Planner- A rich interactive planner with pre-mission prediction and live updates, automatic recommendations and easy manual control.
  • DIP (Desired Impact Point) Landing Pattern Planner - An interactive Landing Pattern tool, with 2D or 3D illustrations, for planning, teaching, exploring various aspects of landing planning, critical for briefing and debriefing students. The tool is useful for teaching and examining all levels and roles, from students to DZSO & planners.
  • Instructor Board with an interactive educational 3D environment, for analysis and illustrations of wind affect on the flight
  • Calculators such as the Vectors Averaging Tool

Management Team

A mature team of leaders with an extraordinary track record of success in all aspects of the field

Arnon Yaar, CEO

Arnon Yaar

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Gabai

Partner | MFF Expert

Mordi Elimelech

Advisory Board | Sport Skydiving

Gal Silberman

Chief Technology Officer

Product Overview

Skylander tools are available as a packaged application for desktops/laptops/tablets.
Additionally, we offer planning & development services, for tailored solutions,
as well as training curriculum for instructors. Please contact us
for more information on services.

skylander Mission Planner thumb

Mission Planning


skylander Landing Pattern Planner thumb

Landing Pattern: Learn & Plan


skylander Instructor Board thumb

Instructor Board & 3D Viewer